Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu Season 4 (All Episodes Available)

The series Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu here you can watch all episodes of Season 4 in Urdu. we saw Ertugrul facing the challenges life put in front of him but his believe in himself does not stop him from anything.

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu Season 4 All Episodes

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He keeps struggling for the betterment of his tribe regardless of selfish desires and motives. Season 4 is also filled with challenging journeys.

Ertugrul Died in Season 4

Ertugrul Died in Season 4

In the end of Ertugrul Ghazi season 3 in Urdu, we came to notice that the attack of new governor Ares had killed Bamsi and Ertugrul. Mother Hayme, Halime and Helena goes in order to find the bodies of their Alps. They recognize a burned body as Ertugrul Ghazi with his ring. The bodies were brought to tribe where the final prayer for the deceased ones had to be performed. Saedittin Kopek and Ares also joins them in Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu season 4.

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The Ambitions of Saedittin Kopek

The Ambitions of Saedittin Kopek

Saedittin Kopek was an ambitious man who desired to own lands. He had a great amount of hatred and jealousy for Ertugrul as he is unbeatable, courageous and loved by people. In season 3 of Dirils Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu The lady Kopek wanted to get married Aslihan Hatun, rejected his love while she accepted Ertugrul proposal for Turgut Alp which makes him to believe that Ertugrul used to poison her brain against him.

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Ertugrul’s Plans

Ertugrul’s Plans

Ertugrul was considered dead in the attack but he actually was rescued by a man Anteus who used to work for Simko they appear only in Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu season 4 episode 2, the slaves trader. Simko planned to handover Ertugrul to Ares in return of gold and silver. Ertugrul planned to escape and rescued many slaves to escape with him. He got himself free with the help of one of the men of secret White Beard People Atsız Bey commander of Seljuk.

He came back to his tribe and faced many challenges. The uncle Bahadir Bey of Aslihan had arrived and demanded her to leave the throne for him and his son Sancar Bey as she is a woman and least aware of the danger men can realize but she refused.

Ertugrul made arrangements of marriage of Turgut and Aslihan as after the death of Aykiz in Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2, Turgut had not married since.

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Karacahisar Palace

Karacahisar Palace

Ertugrul Ghazi plans to invade the Karacahisar palace when Bahadur Bey, the uncle of Aslihan offers his sincerity. He was a snake in the grass which Artugrul realizes later. He produced a machine and offered Ertugrul to use it in attack and it would be a great help for him to break the wall of castle. In the meantime, he informs Ares about the attack, Tekfur Ares order Titan, to go there and kill alps and he killed Samsa Alp. Titan was the Knight of Byzantine Empire.

When everyone is busy in attack, he returns back to tribe, captures Aslihan, puts her in dungeon and makes himself leader of the tribe. When Ertugrul learns it, he returns and kills Bahadur Bey with his son Sancar Bey.

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Attack on Ertugrul:

Ertugrul faces never ending challenges in the whole series. Ares sends one of his friends to kill Ertugrul. He behaves as a trader to him and asks for permission which he grants. It had always been in Christians that they desired to weaken Muslims financially as the more dependent and vulnerable they will be, the easier it will be to attack them. They always wanted to cripple them.

The friend of Ares kidnaps the elder son of Artugrul Ghazi in Season 4, Gundoz. Ares shows his hatred for Ertugrul in front of his son which enrages Gundoz and he throws a stone at him which blinds Tekfur Ares from one eye.

Ertugrul smells the danger and captures the man. He kills him and sends a pigeon with a message to Ares that Ertugrul is killed. The news spreads like a wildfire and everyone in Karacahisar palace celebrates it. Atsız Bey had found a secret way to enter in palace and when everyone was busy in celebrating death of the bravest soldier of Kayi tribe and savior of Muslims, Ertugrul Ghazi and his all Alps which include Atsız Bey, Günküt Alp, Dumrul Alp, Turgut Alp, and Bamsi Beyrek  attacks Karaçahisar Castle and captures Ares.

Ertugrul puts a knife at Ares’s throat and tells him to confess the treacheries of Saaedittin Kopek in front of Sultan Alaeddin or he will meet his end at the moment. Ares had no hope left so he agrees to do as told.