Resurrection Ertugrul Review

Resurrection Ertugrul Season Review

Ertugurl drama in Urdu is officially live here. The official trailer of Dirilis Ertugrul has been released in Pakistan and people are going crazy after it. Those who have already watched the series are now posting its reviews and those who have not watched it, are in wait for it as it has crossed millions of views and fan following worldwide.

Is Ertugrul worth watching?

Many people commented that it is a long series and has many episodes but it is a worth watching series and will never let you feel bored at any point.

One of the fans from Kashmir has claimed that he has watched 150 episodes in 50 days and has linked himself with some characters and felt himself one with them as they have discussed many moral dilemmas that everyone faces.

People Reaction on Dirilis Ertugrul Seasons

Ertugrul is an inspirational character of the series and a role model. This series has rich with Muslim history and people around the globe are idealizing him. Not only Muslims, but non-Muslims also have an admiration for him. The following are some of the reviews of people on this series.

dirilis ertugrul trailer reaction

This comment under a post has gone viral as she openly talks about how the West fills hatred in its people for Muslims. We see it in the series too when Christians show great hatred towards Muslims and their heroes.

Non Muslims review
Non-Muslims review

This lady has shown great admiration towards Islam and the teachings being taught in this episodic series.

Muslims have shown a different kind of attachment towards the series as they have always received humiliating behaviors and mocking comments.

The need of showing the true face of Islam

Muslim leaders have always tried to make it clear to the world that Islam does not teach anybody to do immoral acts that can hurt someone’s life or property which hurts the emotions of Muslims for the reason why they have to clarify the world about themselves while no other religion does?

Following Islam

This fan has shared his views about making more movies with the intention of showing the world the marvelous teachings of Islam. How it teaches us to have peace, to never give up on helping needy, and to fight bravery with the enemies of Islam.

Ibn Arabi, Spiritual Advisor To Ertugrul And The Kayi

If you are a person who is interested in Sufism and its paths, the character Ibne Arabi will definitely captivate your eyes. He was a guide to Ertugrul and has taught him to have believed in himself when the world does not.

Ibne Arabi Sayings To Ertugrul


He guides Ertugrul to accept everything as Allah always has better plans for them

You can watch all the episodes of Dirilis Ertugrul in Urdu Dubbing and HD quality by clicking the link below.

Dirilis Ertugruls season 1 episode 2 in Urdu

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 2 in Urdu HD Quality

In the previous episode 1 of Dirilis Ertugrul in Urdu, we saw how people were loving towards Ertugrul and grateful for having him. The second episodes starts with Suleman Shah sitting and a young boy in front of him who was Dundar his son, doing tasks. Suleman Shah is offered to have dinner as it is being served. In the meantime, Ertugrul enters the room and mother Hayme asks Dundar to join them for eating. He refuses by saying he has to finish the task first. Suleman Shah feels happy with his answer and advises him to remain the same. The mother asks about Gundogdu and a girl tells her that he is looking for shepherds.

Dirilis Ertugrul Episode 2 in Urdu Full HD

Please copy and paste the password on video to play: Ep02ertugrul 

The family starts eating as soon as Gundogdu joins them. Suleman Shah starts eating with reciting Bismillah. He praises Ertugrul for his hunt. Gundogdu comments on him by telling that he puts miseries upon himself which is a reference to the family he had saved. Ertugrul says he did what the situation demanded. Suleman Shah inquires about the people who came with him and Ertugrul tells him that they were captured by crusaders and the wounded man is actually a trader.

Ertugrul Bey and Gundogdu Bey argument:

Gundogdu claims that the crusaders taking the prisoners would be from Antioch Countship as it is not possible to transport the captives from Seljuk territory or they will know about it. Ertugrul tells that he has not seen any Seljuk but Gundogdu tells him that it will be spreader soon.

The next scene starts where the girl is taking care of her father and Ertugrul asks for permission. He inquires about the health of her father and consoles her. We find his kind and loving nature towards people quite visible here.

Suleman Shah Wound:

We find Suleman Shah groaning as he has a big wound. His wife is cleaning his wound and asks him to show it to Tabeeb. He informs her that Tabeeb is preparing ointment for him. He often shares that he hides his wound so no one could see it and considers it his weakness. He looks worrisome and his wife tells him that she is aware of his cause of being worried and that are the guests.

In Resurrection Ertugrul next scene, we find the girl remembering the moments when Ertugrul had fought for them. In the meanwhile, Ertugrul hears something while looking after the wounded person but when he gets out, he did not find anything.

In the next scene, we find Aykiz offering a dress to the girl named Halime. She asks Halime if she has a man in her life but she tells her that she has not and has devoted her life for her brother only.

Titus Spying  Ertugrul

In the next scene, we find the tax collector roaming among the Christians that were defeated by Ertugrul and asks if he is brother of Titus? He gets an affirming answer and inquires which tribe does the horse belong to? His people tell him that they are from Kayi tribe. He gets astonished and says that if it was from Suleman Shah, it was impossible for these Christians to fight with them.

In the next scene, we find a girl bringing food for Ertugrul.  In the meantime, he sees Halime coming out from her tent. She asks about the progress her father has made. The girl who bought him food was Gokce Baci who shows an admiration for Ertugrul.

Halime Sultan Met Suleman Shah

In Diriliş Ertuğrul Drama in Urdu, we find that Halime enters in her tent to visit father where Ertugrul questions about the crusaders. In answer, Halime tells him that there was an order that fights for Jerusalem. He further asks what they wanted from her that she does not answer and asks if it is Seljuk territory. Ertugrul considers she has some problem with them which he denies by calling them great.

In the next scene, we find Aykiz helping her father to wash face. He finds her worrisome and asks what is bothering her and she replies that it is the thoughts of not being married when she is already engaged. The father advices her to stay patient as they have to migrate this winter.

Hayme Khatoon

Hayme Hanim is standing outside the tent of wounded trader when Ertugrul and Halime comes out of it. He asks his mother if she needed something and she talks about some herbs. The mother asks Halime she can stay as long as they want. Halime thanks her.

In the company of Suleman Shah, there are few people sitting and praying for their success. Suleman Shah recites the Duaa and starts eating. He thanks Allah for their successful trade. The people sitting around discuss their troubles and asks for solution. Suleman Shah tells them that he has sent messengers in all close by territories. One of them questions his rule and he in return asks when has he left them hungry and without shelter or abandoned them. The other one answers that if he has never let them hungry, they have also never let him have any trouble by providing weapons and soldiers. Here, we smell a rebellion. The people demand a new territory.

Gundogdu Bey Idea to move to Haleb

Gundogdu offers to live in the state, Allepo. He further tells that they are planning an attack on crusades. If they offer Allepo their army, they should let them live in their state. People agree with him and accepts his suggestion.

Karatoygar the tax collector visits Kayi tribe and complains to Suleman Shah that they were attacked by some of his people which he denies and assure him that he would never dishonor another tribe. In answer, the tax collector shows him the ax he had taken from dead body of one of his crusaders. He demands for his prisoners which Suleman Shah refuses and says that he would never go against his customs. He would never handover the prisoners especially when they are wounded.

Threatens to Kai Kabila

He threatens about the end and tells Suleman to obey him and what could happen which enrages Suleman Shah. Karatoygar even says that these words are from mouth of Sultan of Seljuk but Suleman Shah announces that he will die with his honor and customs rather to obey him. He gives Suleman two days to obey his order.

In the next scene, we find Commander Titus slaughtering Muslims and his master tells him that he awaits Muslims to seek their revenge. In the meantime, he finds his brother dead on a horse brought back by some soldiers.

Gundogdu blames Ertugrul for causing them trouble. He asks him what would have he done if he was in Ertugrul place? He yells at him and ask him to realize the trouble their people are facing.

Ertugrul with Jugani

Ertugrul is talking to his horse and shares his thoughts in front of him. He is complaining of the cruelty of world and worldly ways. He questions the customs and traditions.

Gundogdu is sitting with his uncle, discussing about tyrant karatoygar. He wants the matter to be resolved without an issue but he knows his father would not do so in Ertugrul Drama.

Halime meets Ertugrul and asks him to handover them to Karatoygar. He refuses to act on this and tells her that they would never go against their customs.

Ertugrul with her Mother

Ertugrul goes to his mother and tells her that he is not able to sleep for the danger he put whole tribe into. His mother consoles him and asks if he could have turned his back at that time? He refuses. She tells him that this is a test from Great God and not his fault. He wants to test their patience. She advices him to stay on his father’s side instead of being worried for the consequences. You can watch In Dirilis Ertugrul in Urdu and Hindi full HD.

Suleman Shah had a nightmare about Ertugrul who was sitting near his feet, having water in his hand. He drinks water from it.

In next scene of Diriliş Ertuğrul that is broacdcast on ptv home drama, Commander Titus seeks revenge and promises the dead body of his brother to bring agony on Turkmen to avenge his death.

Suleman Shah asks of the dream he had previous night from a Mullah and he tells him two options. The first is that the hard time awaits them and second, this could be a spiritual order of informing him that who would be his successor. If you want to know the Dirilis Ertugrul on PTV Home timing and schedule.


You can watch this episode in Urdu Dubbing in HD Quality by clicking the link down below.


Dirilis Ertugrul Drama Timing

Dirilis Ertugrul Timing in Ramdan 2020 on PTV

One of the most requested and hyped Turkish series Dirilis Ertugrul is releasing in Pakistan at PTV home. Many people are still in confusion about the timing of serial as it is Ramadan, a month of blessings and prayers. The timing of the episodic series is quite friendly for everyone.

The series will be starting from 25th of April 24, 2020 and 1st of Ramadan which is a spiritual month and the main aim of releasing this series in Pakistan is the spiritual awakening of Muslims. Starting from 1st night of Ramadan at 9:10PM and it is said as one of the most hit series Pakistanis will ever watch.


The exact timings of drama serial would be 7:55AM on PTV Home but this is not it. In case if you have missed the serial and you want to watch it later on when you get free but you are not aware of the timing, we are here to help you.

Schedule for Dirilis Ertugrul on PTV

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You can watch serial at 12AM at night as repeat telecast and 12PM in noon as well. It will be repeated twice a day and will entertain you along with giving you some beautiful moral lessons. We are told by some really great people about it and they have recommended the series including PM Imran Khan, Shahid khan Afridi and many more.

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 1 in Urdu on PTV

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 1 in Urdu 1st Ramadan 2020 25 April

Dirilis Ertugrul in Urdu Episode 1 Season 1 is life here on 1st Ramadan. You can watch Resurrection Ertugral all episodes here in Urdu. This series Resurrection Ertugral is a fictional depiction of the historical Ottoman Empire. The story revolves around the Koyi tribe and the inhabitants there. The first scene we find is a man thudding the sword with a hammer. There comes a young man who starts striking it along chanting the name of Allah. When they get it done, he exclaims that nothing can stand stubborn in the name of Allah.

Dirilis Ertugrual Season 1 Episode 1 in Urdu 1st Ramadan

We find the man thankful to Allah for having a brave man like Ertugral. We also notice that Ertugral is going for hunting where the worker man asks him about their migration which is quite necessary. He tells him that he has left this decision for his brother Gundogdu. Gundogdu is sitting with his wife showing her a map who is constantly asking her about their migration place which he is intentionally ignoring. We find Ertugral’s departure with his fellows for hunting where people wave at them and show them their love.

Watch HD Quality Episode in Urdu Dubbing here.

Video Password: Ep01ertugrul


What Happened in Episode 1 Season 1 of Dirilis Ertugrul


1. Commander Titus in Christians Fort:

Commander titus in christian fort

The second scene we see is a man climbing up a wall wearing all black and his face is hidden. He gets inside the palace through the wall, kills the guard, and hung him. The second guard takes out his sword but he jumps down and opens his veil and everyone around gets on their knees and bowed down to him. He shouts and tells them about their guard duty which ought to be their pride. This man is later on introduced as Commander Titus. We find them Christians.

Commander Titus welcomes the arrival of his master and asks if he wants to have rest before lunch that he refuses. Elanora desires for rest whereas they both get into a chamber and talk of business. The Master asked about prisoners which he answers.

In the next scene, we see an old man and a young boy with his sister being carried in a cage-like prisoner. The father consoled his daughter that he will never let any harm come to them.

The master tells Commander how important is it for Karatoygar to win the trust of Sultan Aladdin.

2. Migration of the Kayi Tribe:

qavi Qabeela

The next scene starts and we find another man sitting on a chair and he has cruelty on his face who is asking about the tribes and if the taxes being paid on time. He asks about the biggest tribe and the soldier tells him it is Kayi Tribe whose leader is Suleman Shah. The tribe ran away from Mongol invasion and are paying their taxes on time. The master tells him to inform everyone that they will pay their taxes earlier this year. This man, later on, will be introduced as the brother of Commander Titus.

3. The imprisonment of Halime Hatun:

The prisoners passing through the forest are now on rest while Commander Titus and his master are planning an invasion to occupy their hold on Jerusalem and provoke the Muslims. The prisoners in the forest were teased and tortured by their taker who tells them that no matter how hard they try to conceal, Muslim’s blood should always be shed.

Haleemi in cage

The Christian taking the prisoner takes rest and water their horses. In the meantime, a man among the soldiers come and offer the lady water. She tries to take but he takes his hand back. He offers again and when she tries to take it, he attacks her and physically abuses her. The old man kills the soldier in the attempt, takes keys from him, and runs away.

4. The Fight Between Ertugrul and Christians:

Ertugul fight with christian


Erturgrul is hunting a deer when he hears the girl screaming as his father was shot by Christians while running. She kills another soldier chasing them and this enraged those who were taking them. They lay her down on the ground and threatens her but Ertugral finds them. He shot one of the soldiers and he starts securing them. Ertugral and his fellows fight with bravery with the anti-Muslims and beat them all. If you have not watched in the above video you can watch Dirilis Ertugrl 1st episode in Urdu

On the other hand, Commander Titus and his master share their plans of getting riches from Jerusalem. They plan to make Muslims fight with one another and to make Jerusalem theirs.

After defeating the Christians, Ertugral offers the girl and his son to accompany them but she refuses at first. She, later on, she agrees to go with them when she realizes his father’s situation.

A trader named Gazanfar comes and asks for permission from the leader Suleman Shah for his permission to set a stall. Another trader visits him and presents him with some gifts he had bought from Constantinople which he orders to distribute among those in need.

5. Suleman Shah in Tribe:

suleman shah in tribe

 Suleman Shah asks the visitor of what he has seen in his journeys. He tells him about the chaos that was being brought and that he smells a conspiracy going on. The Pope was calling for a new crusade from European Princes for fueling restlessness among Muslims so they would fight one another. The trader prophesizes that Anatolia and Basra are on fire and the next target could be their tribe which is a warning for them.

The tax collector man was offered some slaves and he was choosing one among them. One of his soldiers come to inform him about the attack made on their people who were bringing them, prisoners. He hits the one who bought news when he learned that they were late and could not save their fellows.

Ertugral reaches his town with the prisoners he made free. He was asked by his brother about who the people are which he says he will tell about them later on. The people of the tribe start healing the wounded as his ribs could be affected. The girl thanked Ertugral but he tells him that it was Allah’s will that they are alive.

Ertugral inquires the girl where they were taken to and she tells him that she does not know. She tells him that it appears to her that they were about to sell them in the slave market and his father was a trader once. They were very rich but are left with nothing now.

The tax collector chooses one of the slaves and asks her to kill the man who had bought the news of the death of his men. He promises her to free her after he buys her. Her master tries to calm him down but this enrages him more. He forces her to kill him and she refuses again and again but at last, she kills him which makes the tax collector merry. He takes a knife from her and tells her that he is freeing her. He stabs her and kills her by saying that if a slave can kill an innocent to get free, she can one day kill her master too.

6. Suleman Shah Sons:  

Suleman Shah had four sons, Ertugral, Gondogdu, Sugurtekin, and Dundar. All of the names are changed as the name is translated in Urdu. This show is based on the history of the Turks of the 13th century. This mainly revolves around the character Ertugral, his bravery, his true faith in Allah and his love and devotion for his religion and people.

Suleman shah sonss

This serial was originally on aired in 2013 and got fame in 2016. This time, this serial is often described as the Turkish version of Game of Thrones and has a worldwide fan following in 60 countries.

This serial is created and written by Mehmet Bozdag who is a renowned filmmaker and a part of the Turkish Conservative Ruling AKP party.

We have provided you with the story outline of the first episode. This drama is originally made in the Turkish language which many people find difficult to understand. In this article, we are providing you the first episode with Urdu Dubbing. You can watch it by clicking the link below and enjoy the best HD Quality Episode 1 of Resurrection Ertugral.