Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu Season 2 (All Episodes)

Dirilis Erugrul Ghazi Season 2 Urdu All episodes in HD Quality. Ertugrul vs Mongols. In season 2 of Dirilis Ertugrul in Urdu,  is much thrilling it begins with Kayi Tribe to Dodurga shifting into the tribe of Mother Hayme’s brother and was attacked by Mongols. Turgut alp wife Aykiz burned by mongols, Deli Demir death.


Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2 All Episodes In Urdu

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On way, Ertugrul and Halime gets separated from the clan as Ertugrul had to drink water where Mongols attack them.Ertugrul asks Halime to join rest of tribe people and tell the Alps that they are being attacked but when Halime reaches to them, she sees that they were also attacked and brutally burned. The daughter of Wild Demir, who was wife of Turgut alp was also burnt down. Halime gives birth to a son Gundoz and the Dodurga Obasi warmly welcome their new guests. But we can never figure what life has stored in for us.

Kai refuge in Dodurga Obasi 

They had to take refuge in area of Dodurga Obasi who welcomed them warmly. During this attack, the Mongols imprisoned Ertugrul. Ertugrul and Gondogdu were captured by Baycu Noyan. He failed in the attempt of esacaping at first. However, Gomustekin Bey and brother of Korkut Bey wanted to infer Ertugrul and later on with the help of them, he attacked Mongols. If you missed any season of Dirilis Ertugrul you can simply click here and watch all season of Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu all season in Urdu

Dirilis Season 2 in Urdu Episode 1

Noyan Baci is a valiant but a cruel soldier.  He imprisons Ertugrul as he had heard many stories of his success and was impressed from him. He desired Ertugrul to work for him. Noyan offers Ertugrul many times to work for him but he always refused to go against himself.


Dirilis Ertugrul season 2-Mongolian Commander Noyan

In order to create chaos among Kayi Tribe and to keep Ertugrul with him, Noyan fakes the death of Ertugrul. He takes out his ring and the things which could help someone identify him and gives it to some other man. He burnt the man alive and send his body near Kayi tribe.

noyan ertuğrul first scene

His trick works and Kayi tribe considers that Ertugrul is dead as his body was found. Dogan and Gundogdu finds the body when they were searching for Ertugrul and the whole tribe saddens with the news that their bravest soldier is burnt and killed. Noyan had one spy in the Kayi tribe who used to update him about every happening.


Dodurga Tribe In Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2 in Urdu

The leader of Dodurga tribe is Candar. He has two sons, Taimoor and Aliyar. Aliyar had gone to Syria for Ilm (studies) while Taimoor stays with his father. Taimoor is jealous of Ertugrul and his accomplishments. The stepmother of Taimoor desires to overthrow her husband’s throne and place his brother instead. The arrival of Kayi tribe seems a danger to her ambitions so she starts poisoning minds of her husband and sons.

Dodurga Tribe Ertugrul

Ertugrul Ghazi Escape from Noyan

Noyan keeps on convincing Ertugrul to work for him and offers him many things including lands and jewels but he does not sacrifice his rules and faith for material and worldly things. The last option left for him was to torture Ertugrul which he does and tie him up with spikes.

Ertugrul ghazi in urdu

Ertugrul keeps on bearing every torture but resists every offer. He has intentions to escape but was seeking for a possibility which he finds. He is tied up with spikes. One night, most of the soldiers and men had fallen asleep after drinking wine which gives him a chance to escape. Finally with many tries in Ertugrul Season 2 in urdu episode 10 he escaped from Mongols.

The struggle of freeing himself from the spikes injures his hand badly but he manages to escape. The soldiers of Noyan keeps on searching for Ertugrul and tries to chase him but another man named Ghani rescues him and hides him.

Ertugrul Ghazi back to Kai Kabila

Ertugrul returns to his tribe and finds that the commander of Alps is Taimoor. The tribe feels complete after his return and was certain that Taimoor would be removed from his post and it will be given to Ertugrul. When the votes were about to poll, Halime shares with mother Hayme that Ertugrul’s hand is badly wounded and he would avenge Noyan if selected.

ertugrul halime love

This revelation scares Mother Hayme and she does not vote for Ertugrul. The situation where his own family becomes unsupportive deeply griefs his heart. His is on a spiritual journey which is concealed from the eyes of people and then there are people who doubt him Dirilis season 2 in Urdu.

Attack on Mongols

Gundogdu plans with his Alps to attack Mongols but their spy in the tribe informs them. When they were planning to attack, Mongols attack them. This situation alarms everyone that someone from inside is helping them. Taimoor suspects Hamza and Abdul Rehman as traitors and spies of Mongols. He orders to torture them.

The torture infuriates Hamza and he decides to prove them right. He joins Noyan and starts serving him. In Dirils Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Tugtekin is not in favor of attacking Noyan while Ertugrul convinces and persuades people to attack Noyan.

Dirilis Ertugrul in season 2, Ertugrul goes to meet his brother Sungertekkin where he gets attacked by Noyan and his people. He fights with them but he tries to capture Noyan which he fails to. Noyan escapes.

Ertugrul comes to know that Kayi tribe has attacked Mongols and are victorious as they were large in number. This defeat disturbs Noyan and he asks Ogedy to send army.

Hamza Alp:

Hamza is captured by Kayi tribe when they invaded Mongols. He feels ashamed of his anger and asks for a chance from Ertugrul. He promises him to show his loyalty towards his people. In Dirilis Ertugrul season 2  Gundogdu Bey grants him one chance and he reveal many faces of betrayers and spies of Mongol who had disguised themselves and working among them.

noyan tugtekin
noyan tugtekin

Hamza convinces Noyan to attack Kayi tribe. Noyan attacks them by believing Hamza and did not realize the net that Hamza had arranged in order to get him captured. They decided to kill him but in the meantime, Saedittin Kopek arrives with an order from Sultan Alaeddin that Noyan cannot be killed.

Noyan’s plans:

Noyan had a dislike for Tugtekin and after release, he kills Tugtekin . Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu Season 2, his father was poisoned and killed by his wife who wanted to dethrone him. The Kayis made Ertugrul a leader.

Noyan had captured Yigit, the younger brother of Halime and announced that this young boy seeks revenge and has an ambition of getting his father’s throne back. Many tribes join them and offer their loyalty to Yigit. Yigit behaves as he is one among them but in his heart, he was waiting for Ertugrul to come and rescue him.

tugtekin died

Ertugrul knew the ambitions Noyan had and he was seeking a chance. He kills Noyan and saves Yigit.

A New Journey:

Ertugrul is told by  White Bearded that he has to travel Byzantine. Artugrul discusses with his tribe but Gundogdu refuses by saying that they have suffered much because of him already. They leave the decision of becoming Bey/leader of tribe for tribe people.

In the nighttime, Gundogdu appears and bribe people with jewels and money as he wanted them to vote him. The next day, people vote Gundogdu. Ertugrul did not win the title of leader and he decides to leave for Bilecik at his own. Mother Hayme joins him while Gundogdu and Sungar Tekkin stays in the tribe.


The good and bad always go side by side and this is what we learn in the Resurrection Ertugrul. The good and bad both reside in ourselves and it is we who decide to choose which one, are we going to nourish the best to give us fruit for tomorrow.