Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu (Season 1 All Episodes on PTV)

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Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu Season 1 All Episodes

Diriliş Ertuğrul in Urdu Season 1 is real history of 12th century a Muslim Kai Kabila in Turkey (tribe) who was basically nomads living there life in tents and in migrating from one way to another each year. The leader of tribe was Suleyman Shah, there main source of income was the rugs that was made by Kai tribe women and there mens were always prepare there self for fights to defend there self from enemies.

Ertugrul is on his way to meet El Aziz and Aleppo where he suddenly gets attacked by some people. He had given the responsibility of Halime and her family to Wild Demir before leaving. With the help of Kurdoglu, the people of Karatoygar attack the tents of Halime and tries to take them.  Gundogdu and other people of the tribe get suspicious of the attack on the Kayi tribe and everyone thinks that it is not possible without the help of someone from inside. Gondugdu suspects Kurdoglu but he makes fun of his statement. Suleman Shah orders to punish the security guard who tries to tell him in front of Kurdoglu that it is not possible without help from inside.

Halime Sultan

Ertugrul Meetup with Ibn Al Arabi

Ertugrul was moving toward Halab to meet Al Aziz halab on way to Halab Ertugrul Ghazi meet with Ibn Arabi he was curing the deer which was aimed by Ertugrul Ghazi you can watch this Drama Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu by clicking above. Ibn Arabi tells his name to Artgal when he asks but we find Ertugrul unaware of who he really was. He was a Sufi saint, poet and an Islamic Scholar who was bestowed with the power of envisioning events.


On the other side, Ertugrul also deals with enemies and they slaughter them all. Turgut got injured. They meet Ibn Arabi again. Karatoygar tells the name of Ertugrul to Commander Titus who had killed Bisol and this enrages him more. He disguised himself as Muslim and join the group of Ertugrul having a meal at night. Ibn Arabi prophesizes that there will be a brave man and he will fight for Islam and will make it the proudest nation ever born. Muslims will be united under his flag.

Titus in Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu

Ertugrul in a decisive manner says that he and his companions will fight under that flag if God wills. Commander Titus keeps on behaving as a Muslim and asks their names. Ibn Arabi and Ertugrul introduce themselves. Knowing Ertugrul made Titus furious but he controls his emotions.

Al Eziz Allow Kayi to Stay in Halab

Ertugrul Ghazi help Al Eziz to show the many traitors in his army who was working of Christians Titus even his main commander Nasir was working for Christians commander Titus. Ertugrul Ghazi killed all the traitors and free halab from traitors and on this Al Eziz allow them to live in Halab. Halab was very beautiful city near to Qudus city, you can watch it in Season 1 of Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu.emir al aziz ertugrul

In the Mean time Sultan Alauddin Seljuk  conduct meeting for all tribes of Turks to gather them all again in Anatolia to fight against Mongols. After coming back from meeting Suleyman Shah died and all Kai tribe did migrations towards Anatolia

suleyman shah death