Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu Season 5 (All Episodes Available)

The series Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu here you can watch all episodes of Season 5 in Urdu. we saw Ertugrul facing the challenges life put in front of him but he believes in himself does not stop him from anything.

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu Season 5 All Episodes

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Dirilis Ertugrul In Urdu Season Five

EP 51-55


The fifth season happens 10 years after the Battle of Kose Dag, where the Mongols assumed control over the Seljuk state. The appearance of the new expense gatherers, the Umurogullari, upsets the parity of Sogut. Umur Bey’s little girl, Ilbilge Hatun, penetrates the Kayi clan to pick up data on Ertugrul and begins to look all starry eyed at him. Then, Commander Dragos, a disfavored Byzantine warrior looks to overcome Sogut. He murders Umur Bey and edges Gunduz Alp, setting two clans in opposition to one another. Emir Bahattin’s essence serves to upset Ertugrul’s arrangements against the Mongols. Following Gunduz’s vindication after reality with regards to Dragos is uncovered, Beybolat Bey shows up. As the child of Umur Bey and Bey of the Umuroğlu after his dad’s passing, he is a Seljuk professional killer that works with the Mongols to clear out revolting Oğuz Tribes, under a phony name Albaşti. Ertugrul’s siblings are on the run from Albasti and cover-up in the mountains. Babolat tries to wed Ilbilge with Bahattin, however, his arrangements are destroyed when Ertugrul approaches her for marriage, and she acknowledges. Ertugrul attacks the Mongols and takes the duty of gold to begin a tremendous war. This prompts Emir Bahattin’s passing with Albasti Dragos still on the loose. Ertugrul endures a death endeavor when Zangoc (the genuine Dragos) spares him from the professional killer’s bolts. Ertugrul now associates Zangoc with being Dragos and errands Mergen to follow him. Hulagu Han sends Commander Alincak and Subutay to strike the Kayi clan. They catch the family, make Beybolat the UC bey, Artuk Bey the new bey of the Kayilar, and order Ertugrul to hand over the chest or, in all likelihood, they end Osman’s life. Ertugrul will not hand over the chest, aligns with Dragos and Lefke Castle, and assignments Ilbilge Hatun with spying for him in the clan. Sirma Hatun turns into the head hatun of the Kayi, rankling Selcan who battles and ambushes her. Suleyman is detained by Beybolat for taking a stand in opposition to his beylik, however, he escapes with Ilbilge’s assistance. Ertugrul and his alps capture a message from Hulagu Han and change it, sparing Lefke Castle from being won. Ertugrul learns the area of his child by listening in on a gathering among Uranos and Alincak and spares him from turning into a Mongol slave. At that point, Ertugrul exchanges the chest (the genuine substance of which he took, and supplanted rather with misrepresented archives) for the privilege to his clan back, and mortifies Alincak. At the point when he understands Alincak is following Sultan Izzettin Kaykavus, Ertugrul salvages him and pins the fault on Berke Han, the pioneer of the Golden Horde. He gives the area to Kaykavus to Alincak in return for Gundogdu’s exculpation, which would permit him to reestablish his clan. Subutai falls in the snare Ertugrul set and is slaughtered, alongside Yinal, Beybolat’s head high mountain. Ertugrul retakes Sogut and his beylik back and expels all the Umur alps and banners. Beybolat, furious at Ertugrul, hijacks his nephew Suleyman and executes him under the appearance of Albasti. Alincak catches Mergen, who he understands is a government agent and torments him until Ertugrul salvages him. During the battle among Ertugrul and his alps and Alincak and Albasti, Bamsi arrives behind schedule, which results in Alincak getting away and Gunduz getting harmed. Bamsi’s head snow-capped mountain title is removed and given to Abdurrahman. Beybolat errands Sirma with mixing strife among Hafsa and Selcan, which works. Ertugrul plots with Uranos to dispose of Alincak and effectively traps him. In any case, Dragos makes an arrangement with Beybolat to dispose of Ertugrul. Ertugrul torments Alincak to disclose to him who Albasti is. In the interim, Hafsa and her children are assaulted by Albasti’s men, who hijack Aybars. Ertugrul designs a snare for Zangoc, realizing he is contriving with Lefke Castle, yet it is obscure that the bellringer is the genuine Dragos. Ertugrul traps Uranos and catches him, requesting that he disclose to him who the genuine Dragos is. The bellringer is placed in jail, yet escapes by murdering Oguz Alp. Bamsi follows Aybars however is caught by Albasti’s men. Beybolat appears and executes the phony Albasti, thinking he tricked Ertugrul. Bamsi resists arranges and hijacks Alincak to provide for Dragos, who has Aybars. Ertugrul spares Bamsi from Dragos’ snare, slaughters Alincak, and catches Dragos. After suspecting Beybolat, he places an arrangement moving to demonstrate he is Albasti. Beybolat makes an arrangement with Dragos that will assist him with getting away Ertugrul. Upon the arrival of Dragos’ execution, Beybolat sells out Dragos and aides Ertugrul and his alps slaughter Dragos’ men who invaded Sogut. Ertugrul kills Dragos. Bamsi, who was apologizing in the Sogut mosque, is harmed seriously during the battle, however, endures and is excused by Ertugrul. Ertugrul meets with Ilbilge, and both understand that Beybolat is Albasti. Ertugrul and Ilbilge set a snare for Beybolat and go up against him while Turgut and the alps deal with Batur Alp and the remainder of Albasti’s men. Beybolat uncovers himself to be Albasti, stunning Ilbilge and chafing Ertugrul. Ertugrul participates in fighting with Beybolat and Gundogdu shows up, harming Beybolat. Beybolat, to get away, hops off a bluff into a stream beneath and coasts downstream oblivious. He is protected by Arikbuka, an authority of Hulagu Han, a dreaded covert agent, and kindred spirit of Alincak. Ertugrul makes Ilbilge the Bey of the Umurogullari and reveals to her that he will satisfy his guarantees. Ertugrul and Gundogdu make arrangements to haggle with Berke Han to begin a war with the Mongols. Mergen is followed by Arikbuka when meeting with Berke Han’s men and unwittingly drives them to Ertugrul’s gathering place. A fight follows between the Mongols and Beybolat toward one side and Ertugrul and his alps on the other. Bamsi discovers hints of bolts used to protect Beybolat and carries them to Gundogdu, who distinguishes them as Arikbuka’s and embarks to safeguard Ertugrul. Dumrul and Mergen are executed in the fight, with Turgut seriously harmed by Beybolat and close to death, and Ertugrul seriously harmed and caught. Gundogdu arrives at the front line and understands that Turgut is harmed harshly. Melikshah takes Turgut to the clan, while Abdurrahman tells Ilbilge Hatun that Ertugrul was caught. Gundogdu, Bamsi, Gunduz, and Gunkut set off to search for Ertugrul. Arikbuka and Albasti question Ertugrul, who uncovers that Albasti attempted to murder Alincak. Angered, Arikbuka almost draws his blade against Beybolat, yet stops himself, to Ertugrul’s dismay. Arikbuka is educated that Gundogdu is looking for them and plans a snare. Sirma meets with Umurogullari beys to attempt to usurp the beylik from Ilbilge and restoring Beybolat. Albasti is trapped by Ilbilge and Abdurrahman while taking Ertugrul to Arikbuka’s mystery cavern. Ertugrul murders Beybolat and advises Ilbilge to take the carcass to her clan. Gundogdu falls into Arikbuka’s snare and is harmed with gas. Ertugrul spares him and Arikbuka goes on the run. Ilbilge brings back the cadaver of Beybolat and cinches down on her clan, angering Sirma. Ertugrul and his alps return to the Kayi camp and Ertugrul reunites with a currently mended Turgut. Artuk Bey brings word from the white facial hair, who meet with Ertugrul and enlighten him regarding a significant shipment going towards Anatolia. They additionally uncover that there is a Mongol government agent close Berke Han. Sirma plots with Taskun Bey to take the Beylik when Ilbilge opens the position. Ilbilge designates Battal Bey, who loses to Taskun Bey who took care of different Beys. Taskun Bey at that point proposes to Sirma Hatun while Ilbilge draws an obvious conclusion. Bamsi, Gunkut, and Gunduz penetrate the caravansary and find out about the Mongol government agent. Gundogdu and Turgut go to take the gold for the benefit of Ertugrul, however, they are caught by Arikbuka’s men. They fight them off however the gold is absent. Ertugrul experiences Arikbuka and is directed to a snare while attempting to examine him regarding the covert agent. Bamsi, Gunkut, and Gunduz salvage Ertugrul from Arikbuka’s snare, who get away. Gundogdu and Turgut locate the gold and secure it. Ertugrul pursues Arikbuka yet is deceived by a carbon copy. Ilbilge is expelled from her situation by Taskun Bey and Sirma and suspects something isn’t right. Gundogdu and Turgut come back to the clan to hear the updates on the Umurogullari decisions and choose to meet with Taskun Bey. Ilbilge follows Sirma and sees her gathering with a Mongol covert operative at Beybolat’s grave. Taskun Bey maddens Gundogdu and Turgut when he says that he will keep on gathering charges for the state. Ertugrul dares to meet Berke Han with his alps to acquire updates on the circumstance Anatolia and to let him know of a government operative. Berke Han is deceived by the government operative, who is his nearest counsel. Gundogdu and Selcan leave the clan when news from Sungurtekin shows up saying that Dundar is dealing with a harmed Iltekin and they are required in their camp. Gundogdu says Dundar will return to Ertugrul’s camp. Turgut and Ilbilge lay a trap for the Mongol government operative and catch him. Ertugrul meets with Berke Han and almost flops before letting him know of the covert operative. The two make an arrangement to disengage the vizier who is the deceiver. Turgut and Ilbilge show up back at the camp with the covert operative and question him, and he uncovers that Sirma and Taskun Bey are double-crossers. Turgut executes Taskun Bey and Sirma is left detained in her tent. Ertugrul and his alps fall into Arikbuka’s snare however are spared by Berke Han who uncovers that they deceived the government agent. A battle follows and Arikbuka leaves once more. Sirma Hatun stands up to Ilbilge and toxins her, however, she is murdered by a perishing Ilbilge. Ilbilge is taken to the Kayi clan where Artuk Bey resuscitates her. The government agent and Arikbuka make a snare yet are thwarted and executed by Berke Han and Ertugrul. Ertugrul weds Ilbilge and the show closes with the alps with Ertugrul driving riding their ponies into war while Osman gets Suleyman Shah’s blade and says he will convey the restoration and the Kayi banner everywhere throughout the world.