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Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu is officially live here.  Who does not like to stay in couch while watching the series of their taste and munching on their favorite snack? Resurrection Ertugrul Ghazi is the most discussed and desired episodic series going on nowadays in Pakistan. People have waited for a long time for its release in Urdu. This series was made with the intention of enlightening the Muslims with their rich history.

Filled with all the Islamic values, this series is count among the most remarkably victorious historical series. Not only Muslims but people around the globe has paid it so much attention and have shown their love towards Muslims and their heroes.

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu

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Here we are going to talk about what has happened in all seasons of Ertugrul and why does it captivate its audience.

Overall Overview of Ertugrul Ghazi All Seasons:

The episodic series is overall about the people and their basic desires. Being human, we all have lust for something. Some will have lust for power, money, fame and the other will have lust for knowledge. It shows the moral dilemmas and betrayals of loved ones.

How people around you could be jealous of your achievements whom you trust, how people stab you in your back and behaving so sweet in front of your face, how you can be trapped in false accusations and no one believes you. Ertugrul Ghazi

This series throws light upon the ways of leading life. Erturul shows us how a man can become a good son, loving husband and ideal father. Ghazi Ertugrul seeks help from Allah having firm belief that his prayers would be answered. He fights with an evil knowing that his Allah is with him and he will never be betrayed.

Suleman Shah is father of Artgal and leader of Kayi tribe. His people greatly admire him and he has four sons named, Gundogdu, Erturgul, Sungertiken and Dundar. There is a cold war among Muslims and Christians where Muslims do not want to violate things but Christians hate Muslims.

This series is full of challenging journeys of a human who is on the verge of giving up many times in his life but he does not give up as he knows the tests been taken from him. We find him standing firm in face of his foe and fighting the evil for the survival of his tribe and people.

Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 in Urdu:

The Diriliş Ertuğrul Season 1 introduces us with a tribe named Kayi ruled by Suleman Shah. Their source of income is to trade what their women made. The women of the tribe designs carpets, rugs and design beautifully colored clothes that the men take and sell into the kustuntuniya, Egypt and other places. They also sell their animals. The Kayi tribe does not have a place of its own and they make land they find before asking from the Ameer or Sultan of that place. They live there life as nomads

The series episode 1 begins with Ertugrul going for hunt with his friends. During hunting, he hears a scream of a girl in thick jungle which made him conscious. He rushes towards the voice and finds a girl encircled with some Christians fighting for her survival while her father is wounded and younger brother is captured. In In Dirilis season 1 Artgal fights for her and his friends join him too. They kill all of them and rescue the girl with her family.

The Prisoners Ertugrul Drama:

The wounded man was a Sultan Alaeddin and was captured by Christians because they wanted him to fight against Sultan Alaeddin his own brother. Christians wanted Muslims to fight against Muslims.

They bring them as guests and the people of tribe welcome them. Her father Noman Sultan is now taken well care of while she Halime Sultan and her younger brother are treated properly. Artgal develops feelings for her but before anything, his father assigns him task to visit in episode 2 of season 1 and talk to Ameer of Aleppo for a place of residence and offer them their Alps in return.


Among the Christians he killed, there was a man whose elder brother was Commander Titus. In Artgal season 1 Urdu we saw that when he receives dead body of his brother, he swears and announces war against the one who killed his brother. In the meantime, Karatoygar, the man whose soldiers were bringing prisoners visits the place where his people were killed and finds an ax there which was left mistakenly by Turgut, one of Ghazi Ertugrul fellows.

Karatoygar investigates and gets to know that it was doing of Kayi tribe. He visits and meet Suleman Shah and asks for his prisoners which he refuses to give as it is something against their custom. Karatoygar threatens him and leave. The brother of Suleman Shah, Kurdoglu visits and shows him his insincerity towards his brother and nephews and how he wants to overthrow them. Kurdoglu was a traitor.

Halime Sultan

Migration towards Aleppo:

On his way to Aleppo, Ertugrul meets Ibn Arabi in Ertugrul season 1 episode 4 who is aiding a wounded deer. It is the same deer Artgal was hunting before he rescued the girl. Ibn Arabi and Artgal exchange conversation. When he tells Ibn Arabi that he is going to Aleppo, he warns him to stay aware of the people as they can backstab him. In Urdu dubbing of Diriliş Ertuğrul it feel so good when you hear something from Ibn Arabi

Ibn Arabi tells his name to Artgal when he asks but we find Ertugrul unaware of who he really was. He was a Sufi saint, poet and an Islamic Scholar who was bestowed with the power of envisioning events.

Karatoygar’s tactic:

Karatoygar tells Commander Titus the name of one who killed his brother in season 1 episode 1. He disguises himself as Muslim and joins the group of Ertugrul. In episode 3 Titus behaves as Muslims and ask them to introduce themselves. Artgal introduces himself which enrages Titus but he composes himself. Ibn Arabi prophesizes that there will be a man who will free Jerusalem from Christians and all Muslims will be one under his flag. Ertugrul gladly says that he will fight under the flag if God wills.

In episode 4 of season 1 that is dubbed in Urdu, Artgal reaches Aleppo(Halab) with Ibn Arabi and meets the Ameer. He rejects the proposal but when his soldiers try to take him off the room, he fights back and beat them all. This interests Ameer El Aziz that he has proven himself and he invites the guests over dinner.

Ameer El Aziz:

Ameer El Aziz is not a competent Ameer and is involved in some filthy habits. His uncle was handling more of his state duties. One of his commanders named Nasir was betraying El Aziz as he was insincere to him and supporting Christians and Titus actually and had hired Christians as army of Muslims secretly.

Titus tries to kill Ertugrul through his men and they place a poisoned candle in his room which makes him dizzy in episode 5. In the meantime, Ibn Arabi envisioned that Artgal is in pain and his prayers awake Ertugrul and he fights the soldiers who entered to kill him.

El Aziz’s uncles was captured though he was innocent. Ertugrul tries to save him when his death sentence was announced as he had feeling that he is innocent which enrages Nasir in Episode 20. Nasir poisoned Ameer against Ertugrul and refused to provide shelter to Kayi tribe. This situation troubles Artughal. Suleman Shah sends Gundogu to negotiate where he refuses again. You can watch all this in Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu Season 1 episode 17

Guldaro says that his tribe has already arrived and they would not leave now which makes Ameer furious and he announces war against them in episode 22 in Urdu dubbing. El Aziz sees Halime and proposes her in drama episode 24. Halime accepts offer of marriage on the condition of releasing her brother Yigit who was caught on their way to Aleppo by Titus.

However, El Aziz converse with Nasir about the condition of Halime and orders him to bring back her brother in resurrection. He asks Titus who gives him the Yigit alp but Halime refuses to marry him. Artughal comes to rescue Halime but El Aziz set both of them free in episode 59.

emir al aziz ertugrul

El Aziz forgives Ertuğrul but Nasir and his Christians soldiers were taught by Titus that if Ameer forgives Ertugrul, attack and kill both of them. So In Dirilis season 1 in Urdu we saw that they do as dictated by Titus but in process of doing so, it unveils Nasir and his filthy tactics. Artughal wins over Ameer again and he allows Kayi tribe to live on the place and also reward them for saving him in season1 episode 40.

Christians Policy:

Christians and Templars captures the brother of Halime and Turgut and they brainwashed Noor Gul in episode 16. These tactics were used by Christians from ages and by reading different books, the master of Titus knew how to brainwash someone.

They send Turgut back to his tribe and dictates him to attack and stab Ertugrul. He wounded Artughal which nobody could understand but when Christians come and help escape Turgut, all this happen in episode 47 the Kayis understand the whole scenario. But in Turgut get completely fine episode 70 and Tugut married with Aykiz Hatun.

Elanor was niece of the Titus’s master but she was questioning her father’s disappearance. Her father was imprisoned by her own uncle because he had accepted Islam which was unacceptable as their faith was Christianity previously. When she gets to know the reality and she visits the prison to see him, her uncle murders her.

noor gul season 1

Nasir was dictated by Titus to burn the mosques and madrassa as according to Christians, this was how youngsters were taught Islamic education and they could stand against us one day. Nasir defends himself by saying this to Ameer that he did so because people wanted to dethrone him and bring another Ameer but it deeply griefs him in episode 31.

Christians were aware that if they will stop and burn the Muslim educational institutes and can stop Islam to spread, they can easily take out their religion from them.

Ambition of Gundogdu:

In Dirilis season 1 in Urdu Gundogdu was concerned for his tribe as Ghazi Ertugrul. He wanted to save the tribe from famine and hunger but his way of performing and acting thing was wrong. He was being poisoned by his wife who constantly pushed him to kill Suleman Shah and become the tribe’s leader which used to highly irritate him.

gundogdu bey ertugrul

His wife shehnaz khatoon was very unsupportive and used to taunt him because he did not kill Suleman Shah. She used to poison his mind against Ghazi Erturgrul. He started considering Ertugrul as an ambitious man who was in hunt of throne.

 Ibn Arabi:

He was once asked by one of his students about Jerusalem and why Christians, Jewish and Muslims are after it? Who will get it? Ibn Arabi says that the one having no lust and ambition of his own will win over Jerusalem. Only the man who would fight not for his own fame but for the sake of Islam under the fixed rules of war set by Islam can will win it over.

ibn al arabi ertugrul

Muslims invading Titus’s inn:

Noor Gul was brainwashed by Christians and they wanted him to change his faith but the brother of Cardinal kept on encouraging him to stay on the right path as with difficulties comes ease. After attack on Kayi tribe, Suleman Shah and Ertugrul decides to attack Christians and get them away from their palace. Artgal finds a way to get inside palace and he kills all of them.

The triumph of Kayi tribe was wide spread now. Turks had a secret agency white beard people who used to educate people to fight for Islam. Ertugrul kept it a secret and does not share it with anyone in Konya that he has met those people. The king of Konya Sultan Alaeddin Kayqubad calls all the tribe for meeting to inform that Mongols were about to attack. Guldaro tries to resist but he accepts the decision of whole meeting. In the end of season 1, Suleman Shah dies but before dying, he writes a testation and names his wife as leader after him. You can watch all episodes in our website.

suleyman shah death


Selfless nature of Love:

Gokci Baci (Roshni) is sister of Selcan Hatun who had strong feelings for Ghazi Ertugrul. She was told from very young age that she will get married to Ghazi Ertugrul. She dreamt of him but after the arrival of guests, she feels Ertugrul’s eyes on Halime more. Mother Hayme proposes her name for marriage but Ertugrul’s heart was not with her which she understood. Her sister keeps on poisoning her mind against Halime but she allows Urtugrul to marry Halime at the end of this season.

gokce ertugrul actress

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu Season 2

This season begins with Kayi Tribe is shifting in another Turk tribe named Dodurga which is tribe of Mother Hayme’s brother. Halime gives birth to a son Gunduz. This season is more thrilling than the previous one and filled with adventures.

Mongols attack:

In Dirilis season 2 in Urdu Ertugrul stops at a spot in order to drink water but he gets attacked with Halime in the meantime. He sends her to inform the rest of people that he is attacked but they were already attacked by Mongols all this in Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu Season 2 episode 1

ertugrul halime love

The Mongols martyred and burned many bodies of innocent people. The daughter of Wild Deli Demir (the one who made swords for Kayis), Aykiz was burned too and Aykiz Hatun died in episode 2 season 2. One of the Mongols named, Noyan Baiju imprison Urtugrul.

Noyan Baci:

Noyan was a very brave but cruel soldier. He had heard success stories of Ertugrul and he wanted Ertugrul to work under him. He tells Ertugrul that he will name jewels and lands after him if he works for him but Ertugrul always refuses.

We find that Mongols use to have their inspiration from the basic five elements including earth, water and fire. They used to murder people having faith that they will be happy with it.

Noyan tricked upon Kayi tribe in part 2 and he take out ring of Ertugrul and his things and make them wear to another man and burns him in episode 6 season 2 in Urdu. His trick works and Kayi tribe started considering that Ertugrul is already dead. He had left one betrayer in the Dodurga who used to update him.

noyan ertuğrul first scene

The dead body is now found by Gundogdu and Roshan. They bring the body to tribe and people consider him as Artughal which immensely grief everyone. Kayi tribe feel itself crippled now.

Dodurga Tribe:

Kayi tribe is totally on the mercy of Dodurga. The second wife of leader wanted to dethrone her husband and place her brother instead. She used to poison her step son Taimoor who was jealous of Ertugrul and his achievements already. She poisoned her husband and step son’s brain against Kayi tribe in all episodes of season 2.

Dodurga Tribe Ertugrul

Decisive nature of Ertugrul:

Mongols keep on offering him lands but he does not accept anything and stays firm on his decision in episode 6. They let him roam freely in palace but Artughal tries to escape. They torture him this time and put spikes through hammer in his hand and set him against the wall. In Resurrection Artughal in Urdu dubbing, One night when most of them are asleep after drinking wine, Urtugrul struggles with spikes, frees himself and escape.

The soldier chase him but a man named Ghani saves him and hides him in his cave in episode 8. Ertugrul does not sell his faith for worldly pleasures. Artughal Ghazi aims to kill Noyan in every way possible. He does not give up which makes him unique. Artughal Ghazi spend some time with Geyikli in Season 2.

Ertugrul ghazi in urdu

He returns to his tribe and finds Taimoor as commander in episode 10. After his return, the Kayis were certain that Tugtekin will not be a commander anymore but Halime tells mother that Ertugrul’s hand is not working and he will not sit calm before avenging Noyan. This frightens mother and she does not vote for her son and Artgal Ghazi feels disheartened in episode 11.

He feels hurt and says that I have never felt pain much worse than I am feeling now. I can fight with the whole world but not with my own family. It hurts you the most when your family does not trust you anymore.[/su_pullquote]

Kayi Tribe:

Gundogdu and his soldier plan to attack Mongols but snakes in the grass had already informed Mongols about the attack. Part 2 they attack him instead which results in Taimoor suspecting someone from inside. He blames Hamza and Abdul Rehman as traitors. He tortures them which enrages Hamza. He left Kayis and join Noyan and Mongols in episode 21.

Taimoor was not in favor of attacking Noyan and Artgal Ghazi persuade people. Though his hand was wounded but he stay firm on his decision. He arranges attack against Noyan. Artuk Bey, write letter to white beards about Ertugrul honesty and bravery. He asked them if they want to meet hime, he will bring Ertuğrul to Ahlat. In Kayi Obasi Goncagül Hatun try to convince Gündoğdu to do 2nd marriage with her.

Ertugrul’s brother Sungertekin, sent a message to his brother to meet him in caravan inn. In the meantime, they were attacked by Noyan. Ertugrul tries to capture Noyan but he escapes with in episode 33 in Urdu. Noyan was trying to get the Oghuz Khan stamp from Sungertekin. Baiju Noyan Khan finds out that his tribe was already attacked by Kayis and they were quite victorious as they were strong and in number. Noyan asks for army from son of Changez khan, Ogedy.

Hamza was captured by Kayis and Hamza behaves apologetically to Artgal Ghazi and asks for a chance to prove his loyalty. In Season 2 Urdu Subtitles They allow him a chance and he unveils many betrayers walking among them. Noyan sends one man as a trader his name was karabek to weak them financially and overcome them but Hamza recognize him.

noyan tugtekin

Hamza persuades Noyan to attack Kayi tribe. Noyan goes there and understand the net set by Hamza. Tugtekin and Gundogdu captures him and imprison him in episode 47. When they decide to kill him, Saedttin Kopek arrives and informs them that they have an order from Sultan Aladdin Kayqubad so they cannot kill Noyan. Kai kabila and Dodurga tribe releases him while in mean time Tugtekin chief alp of Dodurga tribe beat him so much but Noyan gets free in episode 55.

Noyan’s hatred:

Noyan plans against Taimoor and Gökçe Hatun kills them both in episode 63 and Tugtekin die. His father, the leader of Dodugra tribe leader Korkut Bey dies as his wife Aytolun poisoned him. Artgal Ghazi was made leader. This time Kayi tribe seeks revenge on Noyan.

Noyan had captured younger brother of Halime in episode 67, who was nephew of King of Konya. He announces that this kid is with him, intending to get his father’s throne back. Many tribes join the boy. Here the boy tricks Noyan by showing his interest in throne but he was waiting for Ertugrul in actual in episode 70.

The main motto of Noyan and his soldiers was to spread hatred among Muslims so Muslim brothers should fight with one another. Artgal Ghazi rescues the young boy and kills Noyan.

tugtekin died

The white beard men sends Ertugrul to Byzantine and tell him to own lands there in episode 60 of season 2 in Urdu dubbing. There were many Christians and their palaces which frightens Kayis. Gundogdu refuses by saying that they have already suffered previously because of his decisions and sacrificed many lives but Ertugrul does not hesitate. They leave the matter before tribe and plans for next day to decide leader of their tribe.

Gundogdu and Sungurtekin Bey distributes jewels and money among people to vote and name him as leader and people name him. Ertugrul lose this and he decides to leave for Byzantine with her mother Hayme Hatun, Bamsi Alp, Turgut Alp, Dogan Alp, Meliksah Alp, Günküt Alp, Dumrul Alp, Samsa Alp, Abdur Rahman Alp, Ogüz Alp Artuk Bey, his younger brother Dündar Alp and with few people of tribe who trusted on Ertugrul.

Few among his tribe joins him while others stay with Gundogdu. Ertugrul meets Ibn Arabi on way who joins him on his journey in last episode of season 2 episode 74.

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi Season 3 in Urdu with Subtitle

This Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu season 3 begins with Ertugrul shifting from Aleppo with his trusted people to the place Sultan Alaeddin asked to. They face famine and were hand-to-mouth when they arrive there. The shadow of darkness keep on following them.

Sultan Alaeddin:

Seljuq Sultan of Konya Alaeddin appreciates Ertugrul for his bravery and courage as he had fought Mongols and invaded Karatoygar’s and Christian castle which impresses him a lot. Sultan Alā ad-Dīn offers him to work as spy for him which Ertugrul accepts without letting anyone know. When they arrive, they go in order to meet a man of Sultan Alaeddin who tells him about the new task, Sultan had assigned him. He wanted Artgal Ghazi to invade Karacahisar castle.

Ertugrul goes to Hanli Pazar whose owner was Simon, a Templar who hide his identity Bapist Yeahya and behaved as Muslim but in actual we find him propagating against Muslims and was Knights Templar commander. He meets the son of Chavdar Sardar Candar Bey, Ural who was an evil, and greedy man who also jealous of Ertugrul’s accomplishments.

Hanli Bazar:

Ertugrul goes to bazar in order to sell rugs where Venetians, a tribe from Constantinople were buying them. He sends Turgut with caravan to take rugs with them. This enrages Ural and he buys some thieves and make them attack the caravan carrying goods. They kill all of them and injures Turgut in episode 13 Urdu subtitles. He suspects Ural but because of lack of a proof, Ertugrul prefers to stay quiet. The sister of Master Simon, Maria liked Turgut.

Turgut attacked

There used to be a slave market in Hanli Bazar. Ural buys few slaves and ask them to escape from his arrow. One of them could not escape and dies. Ertugrul saves the second one by paying double for him to Ural and takes him to his tribe and his name was Haçaturyan Usta. This situation make the whole tribe furious as they were in bad conditions and out of stock.

The Slave:

The slave Haçaturyan Usta he bought was very skillful and he had skill of taking out gold miner from sea and river. Haçaturyan Usta also work as spy for Ertugrul against Tekfur Vasilius in Karaçahisar Castle shop. This shows us that the right actions always lead to a fruitful end.

ertugrul ghazi drama

Chavdar Tribe:

The daughter of Sardar of Chavdar tribe, Aslihan asks her elder brother Aliyar from Syria to return as Ural had made things worse here in episode 15 by torturing Ertugrul who now seeks a revenge. The elder son and father invite Ertugrul with his family over dinner and offer them to work with him as they had a big task of completion of rugs in large number. Artgal Ghazi agrees and Sardar names Halime Sultan as head of this task and made his wife and daughter Aslihan under her supervision in episode 13.

Chavdar Tribe season 3

Plan of Master Simon:

When Turgut was attacked by Simon, Maria his sister takes him into the palace and treats him well. She loves Turgut but he starts leaking their information. This enrages the siblings and they plan against him. They prepare a poison and pour it over a paper. They write a few words on it and hand it over to their servant in front of Turgut and asks him to take this letter to Sultan in episode 17.

The siblings knew that Turgut will try to kill the person and take the letter to Ertugrul. He does as expected and gives the letter to Artgal Ghazi. When he reads it, the poison spreads and make his eyes full of blood. He had guests on dinner and Ertugrul tries to kill them all.

Aliyar saves his family but they could not understand his behavior. In the meantime, ibn Arabi was reciting a Quranic Ayah Surah Falaq for protection of Ertugrul and it works as a wonder. The translation of Ayah is:

”I seek refuge with Allah, the Lord of the daybreak, from the evil of what HE has created; and from the evil of darkening (night) as it comes with darkness (or the moon as it sets or go away) and from the evil of the witchcraft when they blow in the knots, and from the evil of the envier when he envies.”

This soothes Artgal Ghazi little but he faints and fells down. They call for his treatment.

Ertugrul’s treatment:

The Tabeeb (doctor) Arif bey arrives and Ertugrul’s condition shocks him. He tries to control his condition but he finds himself unable to do so. He left the thing on will of God with teary eyes but miraculously, Ertugrul gets up and tells him not to inform anyone that he has gained consciousness. He tells him to announce his death. He wanted to see if Ural announces it in Hanli bazar which he does.

artuk bey diriliş ertuğrul

By this, we learn that it completely is in Allah’s hands to give life and death to someone and when God plans, conspiracies of enemies do not work.

Blame on Turgut:

Turgut learns that the letter he bought was poisonous which has worked and Ertugrul died. He runs after Ertugrul’s camp but people stop him. They curse and blame him for killing their bey. He tries to clarify himself but no one believes him and the situation deeply disheartened him.

turgut alp

Ertugrul’s Plan:

Ertugrul asks his Tabeeb to bring his special and trusted soldiers on the mountain so they could attack Hanli bazar and unveil the face of betrayer. When his soldiers arrive there, the sight of Ertugrul cheer them up and they fight bravery against the Templar and wins over the bazar.  

Ertugrul’s Victory:

Ertugrul wins over Hanli bazar and announces that he has no desire to overthrow someone or hurt someone’s faith unless they do. He tells everyone that they can continue their trade but he could not entertain Interest at any cost which is forbidden in Islam too.

The daughter of Sardar Candar, Aslihan likes Ertugrul and he offers him to marry her. Ertugrul refuses which made them furious. In the meantime, Sadettin Köpek arrives and he proposes Aslihan. Aliyar who came back from Syria after education, tries to convince his father that this is not right thing to do but his suggestions were ignored by his father.

The governer of Karacahesir castle stops trade with Candar’s tribe. They entrap Ertugrul so he would not go alive. In the meantime, Vessilius attack on Governor’s daughter, Helena or Hafsa Hatun which Artgal Ghazi promises to bring back. His bravery interests the governor and he announces trade with them again. In episode 20 season 3 of resurrection Ertugrul invites him to Hanli bazar.

Vessilius ambition:

He was commander at Karacehesir castle but when Governor announces his kinship with Ertugrul, he make filthy plans of attacking and killing him in Hanli Bazar and become Governor of Karacehesir Castle. He succeeded in his plan and everyone believes Ertugrul was behind this murder in episode 21.

diriliş ertuğrul tekfur vasilyus

Ural’s Death:

Ertugrul searches for the man who helped in killing the governor. He disguises himself as a trader and stays with Ural. When Ertugrul finds him, he blames that Ural had offered him gold and silver to blame Ertugrul for murder. Aliyar also speaks about his brother’s evildoing. Ural also killed the Kaya Alp in episode 13. Kaya Alp move with Ertugrul in season 2 after death of Tuğtekin’s and Gökçe Hatun death.

ertugrul aslihan hatun

Ertugrul imprisons Ural and writes to Sultan Alaeddin to inform him about the entire matter and asks him to send judge for right decision and justice. They arrive and announces death sentence for Ural in episode 29. This situation sickens Candar which melts the heart of Ertugrul and he delays it.

Later on, Ertugrul announces to free Ural on condition of making Aliyar as Ameer in episode 31. Ural returns to his tribe and tries to murder Aliyar. He does not get success and he escapes to Karacehiser castle and asks Vissilius to take him as his soldier and he will help him to ruin both of tribes. This way, a Christian and Muslim plan against Muslims. Ural and Vasilius killed Dogan in Season 3 episode 44 in Urdu subtitle. It was very emotional even Banu Çiçek was angry to kill Ural and Vasilius. Later Ural and Vasilius killed by Artgal Ghazi in episode 57.

ural bey death ertugrul

Entrance of Sultan Alaeddin:

Sultan arrives at Hanli bazar and watch Ertugrul. Ertugrul asks for his permission to invade Karacehiser castle which he allows but he recived letter that Mongols are attacking them from 1 side and Ayyubids from other side on Seljuks. The new governor of Karacehiser castle asks Ertugrul not to attack his castle and he will pay him taxes. Ertugrul does not stand back and stays on the mission which enrages Ares, the governor. He attacks them and kills Ertugrul and Bamsi in season 3 episode 60. All this phenomenal struggles and achievements in Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu Season 3.

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi Season 4 with Urdu Subtitle:

Mother Hayme, Halime and Helena (the wife of Babar) go in search of their soldiers and find bodies of many men except the required one. From a distance, they recognize body of Ertugrul Ghazi from his ring. They realize that he is burned to death and they pray for deceased Ertugrul Ghazi. Aris and Sadettin Köpek also joins the funeral prayer.

Saedittin Kopek:

Saedittin Kopek court administrator of Seljuk but was jealous of Ertugrul as he was courageous and man of his words. He had rage against Ertugrul inside him as the lady he wanted to marry, never agreed to marry Kopek and he used to think that Ertugrul has poisoned her brain against him. He wanted to own many lands so he help Tekfur Ares to kill Ertugrul.

saadettin kopek

Ertugrul’s survival:

Ertugrul was hid in a cave by a man named Simko, a slave trader who took care of his wounds and had intention of selling him to Ares in return of gold and silver. Ertugrul realizes the danger and try to free himself and other slaves. He gets himself free by one of the men name Atsiz great commander of Seljuk in episode 11.

He returns and get Aslihan married to Turgut. There arrive Candar’s brother Bahadir bey with his son Sancar Bey and tell Aslihan give them charge as she is a woman and is unaware of many matter which she refuses to do.

Bahadir Bey:

Ertugrul calls many tribes to join him for his attack to castle. Bahadur joins him and offer him to make a heavy machinery which will help to destroy the castle but was a traitor in actual. He informs Ares that the soldiers are planning to attack and he should attack instead. He returns back, imprison Aslihan and become leader of tribe. Ertugrul learns about the betrayal and returns to his tribe and kill father and son. Bahadir Bey, death because of his traitorship. is That is how the evils meet their end.

Another man was sent to kill Artughal who was a friend of Ares name Titan. He enters the tribe and behaves as he is a very needy man and doing trade is his basic need. He asks permission from Ertugrul for a stay which he allows. In the meantime, he kidnaps Ertugrul’s son, Gundoz and takes him to the castle. He meets Ares and while Ares speaks filthy, Gundoz stones him and blind him from one eye. Marya, Artuk Bey Wife take care of Gundoz in karacahisar castle.

Bahadir Bey season 4

 Ertugrul’s Plan:

Ertugrul captures him and send a pigeon with note that Ertugrul is being killed. The whole karacahisar castle celebrates the death of bravest soldier while Ertugrul enters castle from a confidential place and attack them. Ertugrul captures Ares and tells him to confess in front of Sultan about Saedttin Kopek or he will slaughter him at the moment. Ares agrees to do so in episode 38.

sadettin köpek death ertuğrul

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi Season 5 with Urdu Subtitle

Season 5 begins with Ertugrul and his family settling in Sogut where they enjoy trading and we find life finally at normal pace. But who can predict what is coming for us? The arrival of new tax collector Umerogullari bey unsettles everything as he and his daughter had come with the intention of gaining information of Kayi tribe. The daughter of Umer bey fell in love with Ertugrul later on.

Attack on Sogut:

Commander Dragos seeks to conquer Sogut. He kills Umer bey and pitted the two boys. In the meantime, Baybolat Bey arrives with a fake name Albasit. The son of Umer bay and Mongols destroyed Seljuk and made treacherous plans against Oguz tribe. Ertugrul’s brothers were now on run from them and hid themselves in the mountains.

Baybolat bey desires to marry Ilbilge, the daughter of Umer bey but his plans were demolished when Ertugrul proposes her and she marries him for the love she had for him.


Attack on Mongols:

After this, Ertugrul attacks Mongols where he kills Emir Bhattin and Albasit while Ertugrul survives an arrow shoot at him when Zangoc saved him. Hulagu Khan sends Alincak and Subutay to attack Kayi tribe where they take rule and they ask for gold chest that Ertugrul had taken, or they will kill Osman but Ertugrul saves his son by eavesdropping the location being discussed by Uranos and Alincak.

Sirma Hatun was made head of Kayi tribe where Selcan assaults her. Ertugrul and his Alps saved Lefke Castle from being conquered. The real identity of Dragos was concealed and they had no idea who he actually is. In order to know who Dragos really is, Ertugrul traps and captures Uranos with him but actually Bellringer was Dragos.

Artughal saves Basmi who was being captured by Albasti’s men by killing Alincak. In this fight, Basmi got injured. Baybolat’s identity was not revealed as of Dragos where Artughal and Ilbilge suspects him as Albasti which he confesses but before giving a minute chance of Ertugrul to capture him, he jumps into river where Arikbuka, a man of Hulago khan saves him.

Second attack:

In this war, Ertugrul got injured and captured. Gundogdu comes to know about Ertugrul and Turgut being injured in battlefield, he finds Turgut and takes him to Melikshah. They start looking for Ertugrul who was taken to a cave by Albasit.

Spy in Kayi Tribe:

Ertugrul returns back to Kayi tribe and rearranges everything. He comes to know about a Mongol spy but he could not track him. In the meantime, Simra meets the Mongol spy while Ilbilige chases her. Simra and Taskun bey were traitors which infuriates Artughal and Turgut kills Taskun bey and imprisons Simra.

Simra attempts to kill Ilbilige by poisoning her but Ilbilige kills her instead. Artuk bey rescues Ilbilige while Ertugrul kills Arikbuka.


This season ends with Osman I taking the responsibilities, Suleman Shah had and promising to wave the flag of Kayi tribe in the whole world by making it more proud.

The Reason of Fame Drama Ertugrul Ghazi

Enriched with the historical facts, lively work played by wonderful actors and the reality of scenes is one of the most significant reasons for its fame. Muslims are often shown as barbarians and they are not given voice in today’s world. Anti-Muslim communities propagate against Muslims and their movies show them as terrorist and insane people who have killed innocent lives. Though in real, Islam is the most peaceful religion who has always advocated mercy, peace and love.

This series has gained popularity not only among Muslims but people around the globe. This is originally made in Turkish but is available in English subtitles for the viewers who cannot understand Turkish.

One of the most significant features that captured the eyes of viewers is emphasize placed in the Islamic scholars who used to bring out well-thought solutions for the problems of Muslim Ummah in the light of  Quran and Hadith . The solutions are also based on life and teachings of our last Prophet  Muhammad SAW and Hazrat Ali RA  who are considered as life patterns and ideals for Turks.

This episodic series has got fame in Indian Occupied Kashmir, Pakistan and though it is banned on internet, people are sharing it with one another through flash drives. According to them, they are rediscovering their inheritance and the great wars Islamic heroes had fought. Many of the people had downloaded it before internet ban and are enjoying the series with their families, enlightening themselves in entertaining way and without making much effort.

 History of 13th century 

Taking place in the 13th century, this series tells us about the period prior to the greatest Ottoman Empire, the father of leader, Ertugrul Ghazi and his tremendous victories.

We often consider hero as a superhuman who does not feel anything, who does not face any dilemma and leads an ideal life. In actual, hero is the one who does have obstacles and thorns in front of him, yet he keeps complete believe in himself and fight with the obstacles. He is the one who faces many moral dilemmas, yet he knows how to control his Nafs. This is the reason why we all idealize Ertugrul Ghazi as a hero. He fights with every evil keeping his belief in Creator.

When the reality is mixed with a spice of events, it has beauty of its own. The reason of fame is the realism shown in the serial. All the characters have human qualities, moral dilemmas and emotional attachments we can link ourselves with.


The realism of the life is being presented in form of series. It beautifully depicts the ways of Sufism, how Sufis spent their whole lives in services of God and search for themselves, how they envisioned and prophesized events that were going to take place and how their words have such an impact on the listener that the person cannot deny the words coming out from mouth of a Sufi.

 Main Aim of This Drama 

We are grown up in time where main focus is given to the screen. Be it a child or a grown up person, our most of the time is being spent in front of screens which has caused us many spiritual diseases and dilemmas. We fight within ourselves in order to understand the emptiness, our soul feels. The emptiness of soul can be filled only when a way to fulfill it is found. It can be done only by nourishing it with right things just like our body machinery needs healthy food to work, so does our soul. The essence of life is to find what we really meant for to question, am I meant for the things I am doing?

We use the phrase “excess of anything is bad” but how often do we implement it in our lives? The use of screen has reduced the reading skills and people prefer to watch a short video clip of few minutes based on a thing than to read a blog about it because of course, reading is boring for us. This is how world goes then who can take out time for the religious history and spiritual learning?

 Something for Young Generation 

By keeping these facts in mind, the  President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan  met  Mehmet Buzdag  who is a director in Turkish industry and shared his desire to produce a series that can enlighten the young generation with their rich history of Islam.

He wanted young generation to know about  Ertugrul , an Islamic chivalrous hero in times of Superman and Batman. The writer and producer of the series is Mehmet Buzdag who burned the midnight oil in order to fulfill the wish of his president. This series is about chivalry, feminism and believe of a man in his Creator.

The main aim of producing such series was to fight Islamophobia and to  show the real image of Islam to the world . Islam has given equal rights to women and it is the first religion which gave respect to women. Before Islam, daughters were considered cursed and people used to bury them alive if they born.

Nowadays a slogan so-called Feminism has taken place which claims that it fights for the equal rights of women. Islam never forbids women to go out but nudity is never acceptable. What you own is not meant to be shown to others.

In this series, we get to realize that there is no shame when men cook the food and there is not an issue of honor for men when women fight in battlefield if needed. Women in Islam are told to respect their homes in absence of their husbands on long journeys and this is not a thing to feel ashamed of.

Women are made fragile but they can work too in times of need and this is totally acceptable in Islam which is a slap on the face of Feminism who propagates the negative picture of Islam and promotes the nudity in name of equal gender rights.

Why Pakistan releases Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu?

The Turkish Television series Resurrection: Ertugrul is an “interesting” drama which shows Islamic culture, PM Pakistan Imran Khan. According to Khan, “a third-hand culture was being promoted in Pakistan due to Hollywood and Bollywood. It is badly affecting our children.”

With this, Pakistan Television (PTV) started working on Urdu Dubbing of the hyped series and announced to On-Air it on 1st of Ramadan. The increasing number of crimes and frustration among people in search of their true origin needs to be resolved.

This episodic series show us how hard life can get where survival would be difficult and when you are on verge of giving up, remember why you started that. It gives a beautiful insight to the reality of life and the truth that how little joys of life can be found in those chaotic situation and a small ray of hope can change the meaning of world for you.

PM Imran Khan said “We have a culture with romance and history as well, however, it is filled with Islamic values. Sadly, the content from Bollywood is full of vulgarity which was not the case, three of four decades ago.”

The main reason for releasing it in Pakistan is to make the youth realize their moral values. Lost in the superficiality of world, we often forget what we really meant for. The increasing number of crimes show us the frustration people have in their lives and one of the reasons is our distance from our true religion and not mending the ways we are spending our lives.

Why should we watch this drama?

The life we are living is nothing more than a test and this show is a reminder in the Western capitalism society that life is much more than to spend on pleasure seeking activities and partying. Life is much more than to run for followers on Instagram, fame and brands. We are living in era where more important is given to the status and living standard. We aim for a beautiful house, fancy car and this is what we chase in our lives.

Let’s take an example of our daily lives. When we apply for a job, we are expected to meet the requirements it has and to fulfill our duties. Life is bestowed upon us as a gift and we should not waste this gift on satisfying our Nafs only.

This series depicts and tells us that what real fame is. The greed for fame and power is beautifully portrayed through the character of Kurdoglu who play a part as an uncle of Ertugral and he stabs him in back in the end of season 1 Kurdoglu is punished for his betrayal. He is ambitious and his ambitions lead him to the worst level of deceiving his own brother and nephew and is it not happening in our society?

This superficial desire for new things will lead to nothingness one day. The only thing which remains alive after your body dies is your soul. Wearing brands does not make one respectable because you never know that a person wearing tattered clothes might be the one far more closer to Allah than anyone is and they will be totally unknown to anyone.

Much to learn:

We have to Learn From Ertugrul Ghazi Drama
This series teaches one to keep his believe firm in Allah because you never know when your prayers are being answered and your actions being justified. Before going for any journey, Ertugrul prays and ask for the help of Allah which teaches us that if we are going for a right thing, Allah will help us even if no human being does.


We find challenging journey of life where sometimes, we are on verge of giving up and dark clouds are hovering around. In these moments, what we have to look for is the one ray of light in our lives and self believe. It is said that the decided fate cannot be changed but this is not it. Your fate changes the moment you start believing in prayers. When you pray wholeheartedly for the task you are going for, you get success with self believe. When we stay grateful for the blessings we are bestowed, we are always given more than we had.

Artughal in the following series was not a superhuman but a common man with self-belief, an obedient son of his parents and grateful for the gift of life. He is spiritually filled and satisfied as he never wasted his life in filthy habits and never run after materialism. He seeks help of God before anyone’s help and this made him a man we know till date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How did Ertugrul die?

Ertugrul Ghazi died a natural death when he fell sick. He died at the age of 90.

Who was Ertugrul?

Erturgul was son of Suleman Shah who was the leader of Kayi Clan. Ertugrul was his younger son and most courageous soldier of his time. He has won many battles and encountered many foes during his life.

How many season of Ertugrul?

Initially, Dirilis Ertugrul had four seasons but season five was released a while ago. Mehmet Buzdag has marvelously filmed five seasons of Dirilis.

Is Resurrection based on a true story?

Resurrection Ertugrul is history which is shown to us in form of show and gained popularity. It is based on accomplishments of 13th century soldier and his adventures.

Who killed Ertugrul?

In Resurrection Ertugrul, there were many people after his head but in real life, he died of a natural cause.

Will Turgut be in Osman?

Turgut will play a role in Dirilis Osman, the series based on accomplishments of Osman, the son of Ertugrul Bey. Turgut is one of the most loved characters of people as he stayed with Ertugrul till last.

How did Halime Sultan die?

Halime Sultan was wife of Ertugrul and daughter of a Bey. She died of a natural cause and is buried next to Ertugrul’s grave in Sogut.

How many times did Ertugrul marry?

Ertugrul married once in the history with Halime Sultan to whom he loved deeply and was loyal with. She remains with him through every thick and thin.

Who is Ertugrul’s second wife?

Ertugrul had married once in his life with Halime Sultan and he remained unmarried after her death.

Is Dirilis Ertugrul finished?

Dirilis Ertugrul is admired in many countries. The rumors are that the new season will be considered as its sequel named, Resurrection: Osman